Friday, March 4, 2011

So, what about Fitflop?

Yeah, yeah.  I heard about this new thong mania during my stay in Manila last year.  It was absurd!  Buying around P3,000 up worth of slippers?  What IS that?

Yes, I said that.  I'm not buying this time.  No way you can fool me.  The Havaianas fever got me, all right (meaning I had two pairs. HahAHA!).  But this... this thing is way too expensive .  I am not buying.  NO.

Or so I thought.

My friend Mae and her fourth pair of Fitflop
When I got here in Saudi Arabia, my friend who's very fond of Fitflop caught my interest.  I kept wondering why did she buy  five  seven pairs [and will still buy more]?! She has two acceptable, and probably relevant reasons why.

First is Technology. According to the claims of the brand, the Microwobbleboard technology will help tone your thighs, your calves and your glute.  Wearing this flip-flop also encourages better posture.  I asked my friend, is she experiencing these benefits?  Well, there was no clear answer from her, really.  When she started using a pair of Fitflop, she was also having her regular day to day workout.  So she doesn't know how much it helped her at that time. Anyways, this counts because technology was initially what prompted my friend to try it out.  How's that?  It was from a testimony of a close aunt, who after years of enduring plantar fasciitis [is irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot.], affirms to have treated through wearing Fitflop!

Second is Comfort.  This feature could be what most Fitflop users would agree on.  Hours of walking could stress your feet.  And sometimes, even how flat are the shoes you're wearing or you're on your rubber sandals, tendency is that you would feel a twinge of pain in your feet and legs.  Surprisingly, despite Fitflop's high heels (compared to other "comfy' sandals/shoes out there), it is said to give you both comfort and style.

Needless to say, I got convinced and bought a pair of this Fitflop.  Honestly, the toning of the butt got into me. Maybe, just maybe, you know... ^_^  And I think it is right on time since winter is ending... meaning it will be too hot to put on closed shoes.  I chose to get their latest Oasis 2 early this month. 

I actually wanted the ceramic blue... but then again, violet is fine.

Fitflop in Action
Malls here in Saudi start at 4PM in the afternoon on Fridays, and are open until 11PM.  I decided to test my new Fitflop in the mall, where I was most certain to walk a lot.  I stroll around for seven hours straight (okay, I had an approximately 30-minute break for dinner)!  I even carried my 9-month old baby most of the time.  Fitflop was extremely comfortable! I felt no pain whatsoever.  My feet did not feel tired at all, and were relaxed the whole time.  But for the "workout" part... I'm afraid it's not "working out".  It was a one time test, so I can't assure anything at all.  But for now if you'll ask me if my butt was toned, I don't think so.

with my daughter :)
My Verdict
I am yet to find out whether the microwobbleboard technology really works.  But for now I can merely recommend Fitflop as a new trend of comfortable and stylish footwear.  And if its quality would guarantee long-wearing, then the price is okay.

Do I like it after all?  I'm wearing Pietra now.

Note: Fitflop is not yet widely available in KSA.  Advantage side is that it's a little cheaper here.

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  1. hi! nice blog..btw, may i ask where u got ur fitflops? what mall? i've been bugging my husband to get me one since i heard it's a little cheaper there. for how much were u able to get ur oasis?thanks!