Sunday, August 28, 2011

See You In Heaven, Love

I saw your laughter in my dreams;
      dried your tears on my thoughts
I prepared my chest to lay you down;
     settled my mind on coming pains to give you life

I announced your name in the throng;
     welcomed you in my whole world

I made you smile in my imagining;
     readied all we have to nurture you

In my vision I walked you on freshly cut grasses;
      cuddled you strongly in my arms

On my mind I kissed your feet so many times;
       and bathe you in the morning sun

When the Lord gave you to me
      my tears fell down, I knew you were mine

But when He took you back
      my tears well up, I knew I'll know you up there

We say goodbye for now
      but we'll see you in heaven, love

                                            -Dad, Mom and Andi

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